5 Reasons Why Stakt Will Unlock Your Fitness Potential Like Never Before


Stackable For Endless Versatility

Transform your fitness journey with Stakt! Stakt’s innovative design folds into a block that doubles as a step stool, yoga block, and meditation seat, offering unlimited versatility for your workouts! After all, your routine is more than just vinyasas and flows. So, from lunges and planks to dance and pilates, Stakt has you covered!


2x As Thick, 2x The Support

Feeling pressure on your joints from your traditional yoga mat? Our super supportive mat is 2x as thick as the average mat, providing cushion and comfort for even the most intense workouts. From yoga to pilates and incline exercises, take your fitness journey to the next level with a mat that supports you every step of the way!


Workout Wherever, Whenever

Say goodbye to cluttered gym bags and hello to a compact and convenient solution. With Stakt’s foldable design, you can easily take it on-the go wherever your fitness adventures take you. Lunges in the living room? Pilates in the park? Stakt is ready for you wherever, whenever.


Premium Quality With Unparalleled Durability

Stakt is made from non-toxic EVA, a safer material alternative to PVC found in traditional yoga mats. Plus, it is waterproof and shock absorbent, so it is ready to handle any pose, twist, or turn you throw its way.


Shark Tank Approved

Tired of flimsy mats with no support? Our founders understood the struggle and created something better. With Stakt, you'll enjoy unparalleled support and versatility, making it the perfect workout companion. And the best part? The Sharks and thousands of satisfied customers agree. Join the Stakt revolution today!