5 Reasons Why Stakt Will UNFOLD Your Fitness Potential Like Never Before

Tired of flimsy mats with no support? Our founders understood the struggle and created something better. Here are 5 reasons why Stakt is the #1 choice when purchasing a new yoga mat:

1. Stackable For Endless Versatility

The Stakt Mat is not just another yoga mat. The mat's innovative design folds into a block that doubles as a step stool, yoga block, and meditation seat, offering unlimited versatility for your workouts! After all, your routine is more than just vinyasas and flows. So, from lunges and planks to strength and pilates, Stakt has you covered.


Feeling pressure on your joints from your traditional yoga mat? Our super supportive mat is twice as thick as the average mat, providing cushion and comfort for even the most intense workouts. From yoga to pilates and strength, take your fitness journey to the next level with a mat that supports you every step of the way.

3. convenience is key

Say goodbye to the pain of rolling up your yoga mat and hello to a compact and convenient solution. When you finish your workout, fold up your mat with ease and conveniently store it at home with no added mess or fuss. Taking your mat on the go? We got you. With Stakt’s lightweight design, you can easily transport your mat wherever adventures take you. Whether you are doing lunges in the living room or pilates in the park, Stakt is ready for you wherever, whenever.

4. Premium Quality With Unparalleled Durability

Investing in a yoga mat should be a long-term commitment, and the Stakt Mat delivers on durability. Engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use, this mat is built to last, retaining its quality and performance over time. Bid farewell to flimsy mats — the Stakt Mat is ready to handle any pose, twist, or turn you throw its way.


From the Shark Tank stage to living rooms and studios around the country, the Stakt Mat has earned glowing praise for inspiring customers to move more and take the leap into a healthy lifestyle. Don't just take our word for it, scroll down for real customer testimonials!
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
I have been looking for a thicker but stable yoga mat, and stakt meets all the criteria- plus, I love the foldability of it!
— Susan B.
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
I have been looking for a thicker but stable yoga mat, and stakt meets all the criteria- plus, I love the foldability of it!
— Erika K.
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
Genius! So sleek and simple to store away in my tiny apartment. I love the way it folds and how easy it is to carry.
— Zoe T.
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
I just received my mat a few days ago and am OBSESSED! It lives up to the hype. I needed this product all along without realizing it!
— Laurel T.
See What Others Are Saying About Stakt
My stakt mat is a game changer! It's versatile and comfortable for home workouts and super light to take to the studio!
— Julia S.
Answers to Your Questions


How much does the Stakt mat weigh?

3 lbs

What are the dimensions of the Stakt mat?

69" x 23.6" flat, 3" x 23.6" folded

 How do I clean and maintain my Stakt mat?

After every use, use a hand towel to wipe down your mat with warm water and oil-free soap. Stakt Mat Cleanser is coming soon!

Furry friends can accidentally scratch and damage your mat so always try to keep your pets at a distance.

Storage tips: We recommend storing the Stakt mat indoors and without the carry strap on it as this can cause indents to the mat. Please do not leave your mat outdoors for extended periods of time.

Can I use my Stakt mat for all types of workouts?

Yes! Plank, jump, dance, lunge, balance... you can use your stakt mat however you like. Fold up your mat for extra support or to add a challenging variety to your workout routine! Check out our On-Demand videos or our Movement Library for stakt specific workouts

Is the Stakt mat made from eco-friendly materials?

Yes! The mat is made from EVA foam blend, a safer alternative to PVC yoga mats.