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Our story

As the world around us changed, so did our exercise regimens. Stakt was born out of a love for sweating & a need for adaptation. Our ‘at home workout’ was no longer just a weekly yoga class to wind down – and we needed a fitness mat that could keep up with our new routine.

After all, why were we doing non-yoga workouts on a mat designed for yoga anyways?

Many of the workouts we do call for extended periods of time on our knees, wrists, hips and elbows. We tried rolling up our yoga mats for extra support, but we knew there had to be a better we set out to find it and Stakt was born.

What makes the stakt mat so special?

  • Stakt is 12 mm thick when flat- 2x thicker than the leading mats on the market
  • It’s unique foldable design is perfect for:
    • amplifying your workout (your mat doubles as your step stool for incline/decline exercises, yoga block & more)
    • seamless storage and transport
    • extra support – your joints will thank us later

So, tell your yoga mat to roll over - it's getting an upgrade!