The Backstory

Meet our founders

Life has changed in countless ways over the past few years, transforming many of our daily routines forever. Movement is no longer regulated to our local gym or running path, and quite often takes place on our lunch break… in our living rooms. As our Co-Founders, Millie and Taylor, adapted to working out from home, they quickly identified that their yoga mats were not supportive, adaptable or appealing enough to support their new fitness regimens. They found themselves constantly rolling up the mats for more support and flexibility, as they sweat through sculpt, pilates and strength training – movement that the mats were not originally intended for.

The Launch

Time for an upgrade

Unable to find what they were looking for, the Co-Founders and friends set out to invent the solution themselves. Following a lengthy process of research & design, they created Stakt: the first patent pending stackable fitness mat that features a unique, foldable design for greater support, flexibility and mobility as you move. Lightweight and highly compact, Stakt unlocks a new level of versatility and potential, whether you’re flowing through slow burn vinyasas or prefer heart-pumping tabata sessions. Fold your Stakt once or twice for extra cushion for your joints. Fold it up completely, and your mat transforms into a block that can be used for tricep dips, planks, push ups, lunges and more.

The Difference

A Patent-pending Mat

Roll over, traditional yoga mats. Here’s what sets our patent-pending Stakt mat & block apart:

  • Stakt is 12 mm thick when flat, making it twice as thick as the leading mats on the market
  • Its unique, lightweight foldable design offers:
  • More adaptability for a range of workouts, doubling as your step stool for incline/decline exercises, a yoga block and more
  • Provides extra support – your joints will thank us later
  • Seamless storage and transport

“As the world around us changed, so did our workouts…Stakt was born out of a love for sweating and a need for adaptation. Our ‘at-home workout’ was no longer just a weekly yoga class to wind down, and we needed a fitness mat that could keep up.”

Millie & Taylor